What is the best vegetable milk? We analyze 10 types of milk

Although a large part of the population continues to consume milks of animal origin, it is clear that the tendency for a few years is to increase the consumption of products of vegetable origin, among them milk or vegetable drinks . This is due to various reasons, people who are allergic to lactose or cow's milk protein. These vegetable milks have as their only ingredients ingredients of vegetable origin and water, and they are delicious . In our case, first we will see what are the benefits of consuming vegetable milks against milk of animal origin, and then we will analyze some of the different vegetable drinks on the market, in terms of available types and nutritional values. In order to make the nutritional comparison we have based on the vegetable milks of the brand Ecomil and Naturgreen one of the best for being made with ingredients of the highest quality, ecological origin and being a brand committed to the environment.

Vegetable milk vs cow's milk

  • Do not contain lactose or cholesterol .
  • Low fat
  • High percentage of mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for the heart
  • High content in B vitamins .
  • Balanced ratio between Sodium and Potassium .
  • They are perfect for people with slow digestions ]problems of constipation or irritable colon.

Milk or soy beverage

It is the most common and surely you have already consumed at some time, very low in calories. One of the most beneficial vegetable milks and that continue to be consumed since ancient times. Let's see its benefits:

  • It is very digestive because it does not need enzymes to be digested.
  • It is excellent for people with diabetes : it releases sugars little by little, keeping This component in blood in its most optimal mode.
  • Lowers cholesterol being one of the most beneficial milks thanks to its composition based on isoflavones, fatty acids and proteins.
  • It is good for people allergic to lactose.
  • High content in calcium . It improves circulation and healing.
  • It has potassium and magnesium ideal for the control of arterial hypertension.
  • It is highly recommended for women, helping us with the syndrome pre-menstrual, thanks to its isoflavones.

Regarding their nutritional values ​​per 100 gr, we analyzed the Naturgreen soy milk without added sugars (also found with cinnamon and lemon flavor ). This milk has a low caloric intake (45 kcal), we put them below:

  • Energy value ……. 188 kJ
  • Energy value … 45 kcal
  • Greases ……. 2.9 g
  • Saturated ……. 0.5 g
  • Carbohydrates ……. 0.90 g
  • Sugars .. ….. 0.80 g
  • Proteins ……. 3.60 g
  • Salt ……. 0.10 g

Milk or almond drink

Another excellent option in vegetable milks, very suitable for children who are growing, people who are low in energy and need of a food supplement. It is one of the most nutritious.

  • It is digestive.
  • Beneficial for people who are anemic weak, with liver problems or undernourished.
  • It is beneficial for brain and muscles for its high content of potassium.
  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Almonds help reduce cholesterol.
  • Su high fiber It is ideal for constipation. Also decreasing the risk of colon cancer.
  • High content of magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin E.

In the nutritional section, we analyzed the natural almond milk without added sugars of the brand DieMilk (a variant of Ecomil, from the same house) with these values:

  • Energy value .. ….. 165 kJ
  • Energy value ……. 39 kcal
  • …… 2.6 g
  • …… 0.3 g
  • …… 1.8 g
  • …… 0.5 g
  • Carbohydrates ……. 2.70 g
  • Sugars …… 0.10 g
  • …… 0,0 g
  • Food fiber ……. 0,40 g
  • Proteins ……. 1,10 g [19659011] …… 0.020 g

Milk or oat drink

One drink excellent for those people who want to take care of themselves and lose weight. Take it in the morning is ideal to get a good portion of energy without any fat.

  • His high fiber strengthens the digestive system, and gives us a satiating sensation.
  • Lowers cholesterol , diabetes
  • Very rich in carbohydrates, giving us more protein even than rice or wheat.
  • It has essential fatty acids such as linoleic, antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • Its high content of betaglucans, nos helps to lower cholesterol and bile acids in the intestine, absorbing them and thus preventing harmful elements from passing into the body.

In this case, Oat milk with added calcium of vegetable origin we analyzed the milk of Avena Naturgreen one of the most popular and sold:

Energy value ….. ..223 kJ

Energy value ……. 53 kcal

Greases ……. 1.4 g

Saturated ……. 0.3 g

Carbohydrates ……. 9.30 g

] Sugars ……. 7.70 g

Proteins ……. 0.40 g

Salt ……. 0.10 g

Calcium … …. 120.0 mg (15.00% NRV)

Milk or drink of cashew nuts

The cashew nut is a nut very rich in vitamin B1 or thiamin, so that they are attributed beneficial effects in the cases of stress and depression . It is also highly recommended in periods of pregnancy or lactation and also after operations or during periods of convalescence, because in these periods there is a greater wear of this vitamin. It emphasizes its high percentage of magnesium (correct assimilation of calcium) and in selenium (mineral that antioxidant) which is always good for cardiovascular health. It also contains potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Due to its high amount of calories, this nut is not recommended to take if you want to keep your weight or if you are following a diet to lose weight. [19659018] The cashew milk analyzed is one of the few available on the market of Ecomil made with 7% of anaracardo, agave syrup and high oleic sunflower oil. It's not so much to drink as to cook. Your nutritional information:

Energy value ……. 389 kJ

Energy value ……. 93 kcal

Fat ……. 8.3 g

Saturated ……. 1.1 g

Carbohydrates ……. 2.80 g

Sugars ……. 0.50 g

Proteins .. ….. 1,30 g

Salt ……. 0,30 g

Milk or rice drink

This milk is made through grains of rice, fresh, ground and cooked, and then fermented.

  • It is a light, sweet drink that does not contain gluten.
  • It digests very well, and also, it's relaxing. Its content in tryptophan and vitamins of group B, converts that drink into the so-called "seed of serenity" since these substances are very suitable for energy and balance in the nervous system.
  • It has depurative properties and hypotensive.
  • It is ideal also to control weight has fewer calories than soy milk, and almonds, being also very nutritious.

To analyze the nutritional data of this milk we we have based on the brand Naturgreen with calcium which has a 16% rice (the highest amount in rice we have seen in a vegetable milk of its kind).

Energy value ……. 275 kJ

Energy value ……. 65 kcal

Fat ……. 1.2 g

Saturated … …. 0.2 g

Carbohydrates ……. 13,30 g

Sugars ……. 6,60 g

Protein …… .0.20 g

Salt ……. 0.10 g [19659018] Calcium ……. 120.0 mg (15.00% NRV)

Milk or drink of hemp

[19659018] The hemp seed must be imported because it is currently not legal to grow the hemp plant in the United States. Some producers of hemp milk must obtain hemp seeds in Canada or Europe where the development of hemp plants to make oil or milk is perfectly legal. The organic milk of hemp is also a great alternative to cow's milk, and for those who can not consume milk because of problems related to their diet.

We have analyzed the hemp milk of Ecomil It has 3% hemp and 1.3% hemp oil. A taste you do not expect and with properties that make it special.

Energy value ……. 165 kJ

Energy value ……. 40 kcal

Fat ….. ..2,9 g

Saturated ……. 0,3 g

Carbohydrates ……. 2,20 g

Sugars ……. 0 , 10 g

Glucose ……. 0,0 g

Proteins ……. 1,00 g

Salt ……. 0,07 g [19659018]

Milk or hazelnut drink

Hazelnut milk is a natural, easy-to-make beverage. This vegetable beverage is obtained by mixing water with hazelnuts.

One of its most important properties is calcium and magnesium. In addition, it does not contain cholesterol or lactose. Among its benefits, we find: rich in vitamin E, contains arginine that stimulates the immune system, good fats that help reduce cholesterol (prevents heart disease) and helps prevent osteoporosis and bone diseases.

We have been based his analysis in the hazelnut drink DieMilk with 7% hazelnuts and cane sugar. Its nutritional values:

Energy value ……. 233 kJ

Energy value ……. 56 kcal

Fat ……. 2.9 g

Saturated ……. 0.6 g

Monounsaturated ……. 2.0 g

Polyunsaturated ……. 0.3 g

Carbohydrates .. ….. 6.80 g

Sugars ……. 5.10 g

Glucose ……. 0.0 g

Food fiber …… 0.40 g

Protein ……. 0.60 g

Sodium ……. 0.100 g

Milk or coconut drink

Regarding the benefits that coconut milk can offer us as a superfood, as we have previously commented, they are very varied, a direct consequence of their high content of nutrients of all kinds. Thus, we can enumerate a series of advantages that result from its consumption from the strengthening of the bones and the relief of arthritis, the aforementioned contributions of energy or the strengthening of the immune system, among other things.

Although they are the that most interest us, the benefits of coconut milk do not remain only in the effects of their intake since they are also very useful in other types of uses, such as hygienic, cosmetic or the capillary Well known are the coconut perfumes and cosmetics with some components that are extracted from this superfood, but there are also, for example, hair treatments for hair strengthening or prevention of baldness that are not as popular as the previous ones.

We have based for your study on the coconut milk Ecomil with 60% coconut.

Energy value ……. 310 kJ

Value energetic ……. 75 kcal

Greases ……. 7.3 g

Saturated ……. 6.8 g

Carbohydrates …. … 1,30 g

Sugars ……. 0,80 g

Food fiber ……. 1,20 g

Proteins ……. 0 , 50 g

Salt ……. 0.04 g

Milk or nut drink

Among the vegetable milks, the nut is very indicated for cases of diarrhea. Although the Americans are introducing it more and more, because it has been proven to be the highest antioxidant content drink.

  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes.
  • According to numerous studies, it is more beneficial than others. antioxidants, such as oranges, spinach, carrots or tomatoes.
  • It has a wonderful combination of vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, polyphenols and trace elements, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium … ideal for our health and that of the whole family.

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