Vegan plans per week by Vegaffinity 10 kg of organic fruit for FREE

We finally have the pleasure to announce something that we have been preparing for a long time. We have been collaborating for some months now Foodinthebox well-known company dedicated to the preparation and delivery of a box that contains all the necessary ingredients to make super healthy recipes, along with the cards to prepare them. For a long time we wanted to prepare a Vegan Plan with them, and together we have developed vegan recipes that will delight the most demanding. This is a very interesting and recommendable experience, where the priority is that the recipes are very attractive, delicious and healthy. If you want to surprise your partner with exquisite dishes, this is your chance!

All the recipes have been created by chefs and balanced by nutritionists so that they are not only ethical but also delicious and nutritionally

Here we leave you some images of a test box, so you can see what comes to you, and how it reaches you. Although both the recipes, and the number of people for whom you want the box, is fully customizable.

How does the Vegan Weekly Plan work?

This is how the weekly Vegan plan works:

] 1) You choose number of people

2) You choose the number of prescriptions per week

3) You choose the date of delivery

4) You choose the recipes you want to take

And that's it! You will receive each week the chosen day, the number of recipes you have chosen with all its ingredients and explanations step by step. You can change each week to the recipes that you like or vary to try new recipes.

If you sign up for the Vegan Plan, you also receive 10 kg of organic fruit FREE

Also … if you hire the Vegan Diet Plan with us, you will receive, in addition to the ingredients for the recipes, 10 kg of fruit FREE ecological Each week that you send the order with the recipes, you will receive 1 kg of organic fruit for 10 weeks.

Buying the Vegan Plan with the code:


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