Vegan Italy: Dishes and products that will surprise you

There are times when our palate asks us to throw ourselves into something new, out of the culinary routine of everyday life, and for this, we tend to be inspired by distant culinary cultures that have already taken root in ours. We have tasted the flavors of the Far East: China, Japan, India … We have gone to the other side of the pond to import the flavor of Peru, the United States … and lately we delight ourselves with the rich Moroccan flavors and gastronomy. However, there are classics that do not fail, there are always gastronomic cultures that are associated with good eating, good taste and are synonymous with delicacy and delicacy . They are perfectly internalized in our culture and immediately identify with the word "quality."

And veganism has been inspired a lot by international dishes to enrich their dishes. Specifically we already saw how to vegan dishes of oriental cuisine (already these dishes use the vegetable as the main ingredient) as Sweet noodles with carrots and peas also the Mexican cuisine how to make some Fajitas chili and portobello mushroom the Turkish making an incredible Pita de Seitán Especiado or the Italian with some Fettuccine vegans . And it is in Italy where we want to stop this time.

In Italy the vegan culture is considerably extended, representing already 10% of the population while in Spain this figure "alone" represents a 4%. In fact, recently Turin was declared the first vegetarian city in Italy, only in this city already have 30 restaurants and shops that serve 100% vegetarian dishes and products. Dishes such as Lasagna, gnocchi and even pizza with peperoni in its vegan version make it relatively easy to avoid products of animal origin.

The know-how of Italian cuisine has been developed around gastronomy vegan and the result is the wide variety of products of great quality and flavor that they have. Luckily, many of these processed foods are already available here, hand in hand with Vivibio, a brand of La Finestra Sul Cielo originating in Italy and that has brought us from the neighboring country a range of products that, of course, has not left us indifferent. We had to share it.

We have tried these 3 products and we have already informed you. What a discovery!

  1. The range of fresh pasta Vivibio (gluten-free, vegan). They have 3 varieties, all gluten-free, organic and hand-made.

On the one hand fresh spinach pasta and vegan cheese these panzerotti combine their flavor dramatically. If you also add the touch of a good pesto, success is assured. All this without mentioning the benefits of spinach itself, an excellent source of vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin A and magnesium, among others.

On the other hand, we have the fresh pasta stuffed with pumpkin and Caramelized almonds . They have a delicious texture and an intense flavor thanks to its turmeric dough. The almond and pumpkin gives them very interesting nutritional properties. On the one hand turmeric is beneficial for the liver, heartburn and is even considered a natural antidepressant, a classic of Chinese millenary culture. The pumpkin is very rich in vitamins A, B and C and several minerals and almonds stand out for their high phosphorus content, which protects and strengthens bones and teeth, among other great qualities.

Finally, the pasta stuffed with pear and cheese with organic pear, biological, 100% organic. The intense flavor of the pear next to the vegetable cheese makes this pasta one of our favorites.

  1. Tofu pesto with basil: a delicious sauce with creamy texture and intense flavor ideal to combine with vegan cheese or as a base to prepare a vegan pizza. It is made with soy grown in an organic way in Italy, a product well worthy of its own designation of origin!

We tried it directly in the form of canapé and we could not stop! You can find it here.

  1. Pizza Vegana Margarita (gluten-free, with vegan cheese): And last but not least, what would Italy be without its pizza? Vivibio brings us a tasty and crunchy gluten-free margarita pizza that contains among its ingredients its own vegan cheese.

Its dough is made with select flours: buckwheat flour, rice flour, guar seed meal and also contains ingredients as natural and delicious as extra virgin olive oil The most striking is not only its exquisite taste but that this can be achieved being suitable for coeliacs with natural and organic ingredients and with a level of saturated fats of less than 1 gram per 100 grams of product. In addition, its price is lower than that we have other brands used: only € 5.95 for an exquisite 300 grams of pizza, healthy and natural. You can buy vegan pizza margarita Vivibio here.

And here comes our proposal today, the best of Italy and you can have it at your table to delight your own and strangers, your palate and your partner, your friend and your father-in-law: nobody will know (if you do not tell him) that these products with Italian stamp are 100% vegan . Free of animal suffering and also ecological .

In Vegaffinity you can find these products in addition to many other references of Vivibio, a brand of La Finestra Sul Cielo that increasingly brings more and better references to our online store vegana, combining quality and flavor in each dish.

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