Things to give to a vegan this Christmas

In this article we are going to see a list of suggestions of perfect gifts to make a vegan or a vegan this Christmas which can also be a list of options for auto regale for the most capricious. If you are not a vegan and want to give a gift to someone who is, the ideal gift is on this list . Although you may be able to examine these options that may excite you equal or more than these gifts like :

A completely vegan Christmas dinner . Vegans had a pretty bad time in these dates by the consumption that there are of animals and a dinner free of animal suffering is something that could do happy to any of us . And the fact that you propose to go to a vegan or vegetarian or you curres a vegan dinner will be something you'll appreciate a lot.

See documentaries on veganism and consider reducing the consumption of meat by him by her by animals or by the health of the planet . Documentaries such as Earthlings Cowspiracy What the Health Slaughterhouse or movies like Okja could make merases to the animals in a different way and you empathize a little more with your vegan colleague, something I'm sure he's very grateful.

– Finally, and for some people, it's a bit difficult: give him a break on protein questions ] iron and possible conspiracies of deserted islands in which there is a superior force that causes them to eat meat . This will surely thank you very much.

Before you start to see what to give a vegan, keep these things in mind :

– If you give away some clothes, shoes or accessories, look in which your gift does not have any component of animal origin . This refers to skins but also to wool and to angora . Vegans do not consume anything that has this type of components and it is also something that is quite obsolete: why use something of animal origin with the amount of synthetics that have been developed?

– Regarding clothes or footwear, it is quite personal and should not be generalized because each person is a world, but most vegans the same as we are in against animal exploitation we are against labor ; so take a look at the labels of what you buy. A gift from local production or with a certificate from fair trade will add up a lot. If it's already something sustainable with the environment I'm not even telling you how happy it is going to be.

– If you're going to give something cosmetics perfumes or articles of personal hygiene check before the mark has not experimented with animals or has any component of animal origin . There is a vegan seal and a cruelty free seal, although there are brands that do not test but do not specify it. The best thing is to always check it. Examples of brands that test would be L'oreal, Astor, Mac, Revlon or Nivea. Brands that do not test would be: Kiko, Santé, Manic Panic, Kat V Di, Zuii Organic, Deliplus, Lust, Nyx and The Body Shop (although the latter belong to the evil L'oreal, are not supposed to test animals). 19659002] Let's go for the presents:

1. T-shirts

We have selected a series of t-shirts with vegan messages of the most freaky for you that will make you triumph this Christmas, how are you from Quinoa Style :

We also like very much those that we have seen in different etsy stores and in Amapola, whose links we attach. The truth is that there is a huge variety of models to choose from with vegan slogans and pretty cool typographies:

2. Tote bags or cloth bags

There are a lot of super cool bags and cloth bags, with or without a message. Something practical and that can also be used when making the purchase to reduce the consumption of plastic. We put here a selection of LaVidaVegan from Animei Beat and one from Okja from Morondanga .

3. Sweatshirts with vegan messages

Perfect for winter, with vegan messages, a touch of geek and without any animal component. Mixing veganism with Joy Division or Stranger Things, they have a super image.

4. Footwear

Sports shoes, boots or vegan shoes are always going to be a great gift for a vegan, since sometimes it is difficult to find footwear that has no animal component . Recently they have released a line of converse and vegan vans . The converse of cloth was something that we took for granted that they were vegan, since they are made of canvas. Why are not they vegan ? Because the glue they use is of animal origin . Why do you use this glue? We do not know, the world is crazy.

It made much more sense when Dr. Martens who does use skin, took out his vegan line which we love and above all it's good that alternatives arise like that, since it shows that more and more people are not wants to dress at the expense of animals .

In Vegaffinity we have brands like Flamingos Life Nae Vegan Shoes and Mireia Playá totally ] cruelty free sustainable produced without slavery and with environmental certificates .

Deportivas de Flamingos Life without anything animal, certified PETA and unisex :

Boots of NAE Vegan :

Shoes and boots of Mireia Playá made in Spain and of quite style alternative :

5. Vegan cosmetics

Both creams, make-ups (for women and men who like to put on makeup) or perfumes are a good gift for Christmas, provided they are cruelty free and that do not contain any ingredient of animal origin . A Kit of natural cosmetics could be a good gift. Also something of cosmetic zero waste like solid LUSH shampoos accompanied by some cream or treatment would be fine.

We also highlight the lipstick without cochineal and cruelty free that can be found in Manic Panic Kat V Di or different brands:


6. Books

Today there are many books on veganism, both nutrition and all kinds of recipes: basic recipes, vegetable burgers, cookies, cupcakes, etc. This could be a pretty good gift. We emphasize nutrition: The Chinese Study Vegetarians with Science of Lucía Martinez and Practical Nutrition of Álvaro Vargas .

Regarding the recipe books it is impossible to choose because there are so many great ones, but we give these suggestions from Creativegan and from Toni Rodriguez :

7. Kitchen accessories

There are a lot of gifts related to cooking that may be useful for someone wearing a mode vegan life . This can go from molds for muffins to a machine to make vegetable milks through a spiralizer (with which to make pasta with zucchini or other vegetables) or a germinator . In addition we have also seen very cool aprons like these aprons with vegan messages :

8. Pins and badges with vegan messages

There are a lot. The network is full of them and it is becoming more and more common to wear pins and badges with messages against animal abuse. If you start looking for sure you see as cool as these:

9. Chocolates, chocolates and vegan trinkets

If what you want is have a detail, sure you get it with these three things, because sometimes it is difficult to get vegan chocolates, vegan chocolate that is not black and knickknacks that do not carry animal jelly. With the sweet tooth you'll hit the spot:

10. Lot of vegan products

You can buy it already made or prepare a homemade one with an original wrapper and give it your touch. We have created this basket for the most splendid and those who prefer to be given fact:

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