The best tourist destinations for vegans

June has arrived and with him the summer. Although officially we will not enter this station until the 21st, there are many people who already count the days for the long awaited vacations. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of travelers who change the traditional sun and beach destination for places that have a great cultural and gastronomic offer. In this sense, when choosing a destination, vegans must take into account those cities committed to veganism and therefore have a wide range of venues where the vegan menu is no exception to the rule but the general tone. To help you select a good destination, here is a list of the European and Spanish cities that have a large number of vegan restaurants:


The capital of the Czech Republic is positioned as one of the best destinations for vegans despite the fact that traditionally its cuisine contains a high number of elaborations based on meat products. However, in recent years natural products have been gaining popularity and nowadays many locals offer vegan menus at the most economical price : eating in the Downtown can get you out for less than 10 euros.


In the neighboring country we can also find a wide variety of restaurants and shops aimed at a vegan or vegetarian public. The city of Lisbon is positioned as one of the cities in the country with the highest number of vegan offers, since has more than a hundred vegan premises among which the Jardim das Cerejas restaurant stands out. Located in the center of the city, it has a buffet that will delight your palate.


The capital of the United Kingdom besides having some of the most important museums in the world is also a fantastic destination for vegans. The city has more than fifty restaurants dedicated exclusively to vegan food which would have to add a large number of venues offering vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. pastry shops that have cupcakes, cakes and biscuits suitable for vegans something very difficult to see in some cities in Spain.

If your idea is visit the United Kingdom, in Glasgow and Edinburgh you will also find a great vegan gastronomic offer. The first has the popular VegFest that has placed it in recent years as one of the most interesting destinations in terms of vegan cuisine across Europe while the second has a large number of vegetarian and vegan venues that even have traditional menus Scottish haggis in the vegetarian style. In case you also decide to make the jump to Ireland on your trip we have bad news: the vegan premises are not very abundant. Of course, in Dublin you can do a gastronomic tour that connects beer with poetry. Thanks, Guinness, for making beers suitable for vegans!


Asian cuisine is characterized by the use of fish in its dishes but they also count with a large number of elaborations from various local vegetables and rice perfectly suitable for vegans. In addition, the city has almost 600 restaurants of which almost fifty is exclusively vegan . In addition to traditional dishes, you can taste vegan dishes inspired by Asian cuisine.


When we think of Germany and its gastronomic offerings, the usual thing is that images of meat elaborations come to mind, starting with the famous sausages. However, the capital of the country is a cosmopolitan city that has managed to adapt perfectly to the new culinary trends among which, of course, is veganism. Thus, Berlin has a large number of locations that offer numerous varied menus suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In addition, in the city you will also find a large number of exclusively vegan grocery stores and supermarkets. We assure you that you will spend more time touring its corridors than visiting the city …

For those who have a smaller budget or prefer to bet on national tourism, in Spain we also have a number of destinations veg-friendly. Barcelona is one of the cities that is betting most on vegan and vegetarian philosophy, in fact since the administration have taken various measures to promote it. At present the city counts with more than fifty restaurants, among which The Green Spot, Aguaribay, which also offers dishes suitable for celiacs, or BioCenter, opened since 1980 and become one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona in As for vegan and vegetarian offerings. Madrid with almost the same number of restaurants as Barcelona, ​​ Alicante, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca or Granada join the list of the most veggies our country.

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