Omelette du fromage with vegetables |

There are two options.
1- Beat the eggs together with the spices and pour them in a pan (ideally Teflon), when they are half-cooked, put the vegetables (if you like, you can sauté them previously, but to my taste it is better that its cooking is inside the tortilla) and the cheese in the middle of the mixture and the egg omelette is folded over the mixture (as when making a pie), it is expected to brown for both sides and voualá.
2- beat the eggs with the spices, then mix everything together (vegetables, cheese, spices and eggs) and pour into the pan making sure it is well spread, when the egg and the egg begin to set. Cheese is half melted, fold the tortilla as pie. Let brown on both sides and ready.
Thing of likes, good luck.

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