McDonald’s and its new vegan experiment, the McVegan

More and more people in the world are choosing to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This is supported by the figures that inform that at present the movement veggie grows at a rate of 6% per year worldwide with a volume of business that moves close to 4,000 million dollars per year .

All these people seek to bring to the plate their philosophy of life, which rejects the mistreatment of animals and the products that come from them.

In this way of life rarely come into play fast food chains because these are the main companies that profit from animal abuse, in addition to offering a type of food products that do not agree with healthy life that vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians want to carry.

In fact, many fleeing from this type of food ended up practicing a vegan diet, as is the case with professional poker player Daniel Negreanu who changed hamburgers and processed food in 2006 for food that comes from animal contact, as reports.

Since then, Negreanu has seen how his game improved at the same time as his physical form did, which only demonstrates that athletes can also benefit from this type of diet .

All in all, It seems that this type of business conglomerates do not want to let slip any market possibility and for a few years now this type of chains have been offering among their products different types of salads and even vegetable burgers to get closer to the “green” collective .

The icing on the cake has been the fast food chain par excellence, McDonalds with the launch of an experiment in Finland from the beginning of October until last November 21.

The citizens of the Finnish city of Tampere have been chosen by the American chain to be the first to try their first vegan burger: the McVegan.

This kind of pilot project which has been carried out for two and a half months aimed to check and analyze the reactions of the vegan public in order to decide whether to include this type of burgers in their usual menu. The answers have not been made wait and it seems that there is no consensus on the new dish.

There have been many who have been happy that the American chain has finally landed in the current reality and begins to pay attention to a collective that is booming. With messages through networks like “I can finally go back to McDonalds” hundreds of people supported the new McVegan and asked the company not to restrict its new proposal to Tampere, but to make it possible to taste it in other parts of the world.

On the other side of the coin are those who think that this new burger is nothing more than a new movement of the card in order to attract new customers and increase their economic benefits at the expense of the label of “veganism.”

Thus, this group criticizes that McDonalds denominates to this hamburger like vegana by the mere fact to avoid the milk and the egg and to include a greater proportion of vegetables.

Veganism goes beyond eating products of animal origin and that is why this group demands that this new hamburger be simply considered as “vegetable” based on the ingredients that form it.

The McVegan is made from a soy burger that is accompanied by lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and corn .

All seasoned with the sauce McFeast vegana between bread without traces of egg or milk and with the possibility of accompanying it with a portion of potato chips that have been cooked in vegetable oil and therefore are 100% vegan.

No trace of the usual veal, cheese or chicken meat but for many vegans this is still insufficient for a chain such as McDonalds denominates a product of theirs as “vegan”.

The debate is quite interesting if we bear in mind that this is not the first time that the company has launched a similar product on the market in order to attract potential vegetarians and vegans. In countries like India, vegetable burgers such as Veg Maharaja Mac or McVeggie are already commercialized and in Norway it is already possible to eat Veggie McSpice since last month of May.

These products have not generated so much media attention and in fact they have worked so well in the market that their sale is already spreading to other places in the world like Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore or Saudi Arabia. However, all these hamburgers are defined as vegetarian and not as vegan, and that is where the crux of the matter lies.

For now, Christoffer Rönnblad, director of Marketing of the company in Finland has affirmed that the feedback on the part of the consumers has been “quite positive ” so everything seems to indicate that the McVegan could reach our country.

While that moment arrives, we are left with the vegan burgers 100% that we can do quietly and without waiting for queues in our house. Here you have the improved recipe for the lentil burger, a real treat.