P. You are one of the organizers that brought Anonymous for the Voiceless in Murcia, how and when did the idea of ​​bringing it come?

R. In 2016 I met Anonymous for the Voiceless for a video on a Facebook page, at that time they were only in Australia. I thought it would be a great idea to do it in Murcia, but I did not feel brave to take the initiative to organize it myself. After a fairly long break in activism in Murcia, I launched in August of last year. Since I contacted them, there are almost 200 new groups in different cities around the world. It grows fast.

P. What is Anonymous for the Voiceless?

R. It is an international organization that specializes in street activism for animal rights. Our icon is the Cube of Truth, an event where activists with masks are placed forming a square holding screens, other activists are in charge of being outside the cube talking with the people they are interested in.

P. What is your goal?

R. Our main objective is to give the message of veganism as a fair and healthy way of life for all. Make people think that we should not settle for bigger cages or kill them in a less painful way, since the consumption and use of animals is unnecessary for our life and happiness, animal exploitation is unfair and cruel to animals. We teach the truth about the standardized practices that "consumer" animals live every second of every day. We want to make people reflect on the damage we are doing to animals unnecessarily, in addition to our health and the environment.

P. Since when are you vegan? What made you make the decision?

R. I became vegan in July 2014, I had been thinking about it for a few months but I had no idea what I could eat and on the labels of the things that I consumed, everything contained products of animal origin except vegetables, fruit and bread. One day I met a vegan at my university, he explained what I could eat and that same day I became vegan.

P. Do you think that people are aware of what they consume on a daily basis?

R. I think that in our mind we skipped some steps, the most important ones. On the one hand we have in our mind the animal on the farm (which also farms are not as we make them see in advertising and in the media) and on the other hand when we see it already in trays wrapped in film paper in the supermarket . Or eggs in boxes of 12 and 6, milk in tetrabricks. There is a connection between those billions of animals and those products so perfectly sold to the public, it is the connection we help to make.

P. How do people usually respond to the images and information that you carry?

R. There are answers of all kinds. The normal thing about people who stop is surprise and sadness, many are interested in knowing more. We have virtual reality glasses that are used by younger people a lot. Most of them leave pensive, we know that we have planted some seeds and that maybe they will take the step later. Some do go away convinced, that's what I think is what motivates us most to activists.

P. Of all the information you manage and disseminate, which has the greatest impact?

R. The one of the egg industry. We have the videos of the workers sexing the newborn chicks on the conveyor belt, when people see how they discard the male chicks for not serving the industry they put their hands to their heads. Some people scream or cry It's amazing that they keep all this hidden, people if they knew this would probably not finance it.

P. Have you gotten someone to stop eating animals?

R. Yes, it is the best of this type of activism. We make a recount of the people who have been convinced, by the feedback and their gestures can be intuited. At the moment we have 127 people who have taken veganism seriously with 5 events in Murcia. In most cases we do not know for sure, but some have joined the activism group, some message saying that we have made him rethink his way of consuming … These things make you want to continue with more encouragement and hope.

P. At the organizational level, how do you function? Are you an open organization?

R. We organize ourselves through a Facebook group called AV Murcia, Spain. Everyone is welcome to volunteer at our events. People who are outside the cube talking to people must be vegan so they can explain from the experience some important issues and not to give contradictory messages, but to be part of the team you only need motivation, good attitude and desire to be the voice of the animals.

P. How would someone who is not from here do it to sign up?