International vegan menu to get out of the routine

In this article we will see five international recipes that could set up a menu perfectly with entree, appetizer, main course, main dish and dessert. Many of these dishes are very common but sometimes we do not know or we do not dare to try new things. These recipes are great to get a little out of the routine and give our kitchen a little color .

Borsch (Russian soup)

The Borsch is a soup of Soviet origin whose base is beet . Perfect to do something different and full of properties.

Vegan sushi

In this post of Vegan Dimension we explain how to make sushi with different recipes always vegan. Although you can always make avocado and it will be delicious, we put this compilation that is perfect to impress anyone.

Vietnamese Rolls

This recipe for Dance of Fogons can be a perfect entree for a special dinner . Healthy as well as delicious, it will leave everyone with their mouths open.

Sepherd's pie (soy meat pie and puree)

This pie of English origin is perfect for the holidays. It consists of a meat mince in sauce with mashed potatoes on top. All baked in the oven and delicious. Whoever does not take soy can substitute it for chopped chickpeas and it comes out delicious too.

Tiramisu vegan

The tiramisu is a dessert of Italian origin but that has become very common in almost all parts of the world. Here we present a 100% vegetable version of the Vegan Dimension .

What did you think of this article? Do you dare to prepare any of these recipes? What is your favorite international recipe?

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