How many types of humus are there? We give you ten recipes to make you very happy

The humus is one of the vegan appetizers that most succeed. That's because it's accessible and cheap and everyone loves it. But why? Among its properties we can find that it has a high protein fiber mineral and is low fat ] In addition, it produces in the organism a feeling of happiness because creates serotonin .

It is antioxidant satiating and ] can be prepared at home quite simply with chickpeas tahiní (made or homemade of sesame and oil or water), oil and a little lemon . If we do traditional we can add a little bit of sesame and paprika on top. It is difficult for humus to bore someone because he is too rich, but as there are people who like to experiment and vary, there is also avocado, beet, chocolate, Greek, Italian, etc.

This week we have gone up video recipe of three types of humus : from beet from chocolate and from avocado . All carry the base of chickpeas and tahiní. Here we attach the link of the video where the three complete recipes are:

Have you made the recipe video three times already and want to vary a bit? Here we share three infographics with several super simple humus recipes to make

What did you think of these recipes? Are you also addicted to humus ? Remember that in the section of recipes of our blog you can find thousands of vegan recipes and so rich like these.

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