Chia pudding with black rice drink and fruits |

It is a dessert very simple to prepare but at the same time very nutritious . The recipe contains chia seeds which is a very good source of iron and Omega 3 . We have prepared it with a delicious and super exclusive Black rice drink brand Vivibio distributed by La Finestra sul Cielo. An excellent taste, very appreciated for its high nutritional value (iron, zinc, cobra, carotene, etc.). The preparation is so simple, only 3 steps, that from now on you will prepare it in all your meetings:

1. We put the chia seeds in soak with the black rice drink about 1 hour, until we see that the chia seeds acquire a gelatinous texture and soften.

2. We add some vegan whipped cream (there are many different brands), in our case we have used a whipped cream, you can buy it to mount too.

3. We decorate to taste with fruits like raspberries mango and some dried fruit on top (pumpkin or sunflower seeds, almond pieces).

It's ready!

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