Can you love animals and eat them? Vegan activist explains it

It can be shocking to meet a person who claims to be an animal lover while eating a steak, part of the body of an animal that has been killed to eat it. Is this possible? Can you be an animal lover and eat them?

The answer is very simple: you can not be a lover of something and contribute to their suffering. The problem comes because we are subject to a carnista and specista education that makes us forget where our food comes from. Surely if most people knew what they consumed and how they got it they would not. Paul McCarney already said: "If the slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be a vegetarian."

We must get de-automatized to visualize what really entails everything and see that all living beings feel . An animal lover can not be a person who thinks that only the lives of dogs and cats are worth, he has to understand that they are all the same. You have to cut with speciesism to not be outraged when you see that dogs are consumed in China while veal is consumed here. And not perpetuate the system of cruelty to the animals in which we live.

This video belongs to the series " 30 days, 30 excuses ", where the vegan activist ] Earthling Ed responds to the excuses that are usually used to attack veganism or justify the consumption of animals . They are all on Youtube and although not all of them have subtitles in Spanish they can be integrated and the translation is quite well done. We recommend seeing the entire series because it is quite interesting and has a video where it responds to the typical gentleman who tells you that "plants feel".

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