Vegetarian Children: How Healthy They are

In simple terms, a vegetarian is one who restrains himself from eating foods derived from animals. There are further subcategories of vegetarians, which are:

  1. Lacto vegetarians: This vegetarian family does not eat meat in any form, but they are comfortable drinking milk and eating other milk products such as cheese.
  2. Ovo vegetarians: This vegetarian family does not eat meat also, the only animal product in their diet is the poultry egg.
  3. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians: This vegetarian family also would not eat meat, but they are comfortable with dairy milk and its products and in also with the poultry egg in their diet.
  4. Vegan: These are the strict vegetarians who would not eat any animal product under no circumstances. They do not drink milk nor do they have poultry egg in their diet plan, their diet is strictly on plants.

In view of these facts, it is imperative to know how much nutrients you will be getting in a vegetarian diet. Meats, milk, and eggs provide the necessary nutrient needed in one meal, but for a vegan that is looking to restrain from animal food, there would have to be a combination of different meals to make one nutritionally complete dish. Knowing this, it is imperative to have an idea of the nutritional constituents of every meal you are looking to have, knowledge of this would help in choosing the right meals in order to maintain a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on the diet plan of a vegetarian family, the children may be losing out on certain minerals that are key to their growth, physical strength and mental wellbeing. This is because plants do not possess all the necessary nutrients required by man, and so to get the complete nutrients one has to combine a number of these plants together to get a balanced diet.

For example, Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for infants, where a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the breast milk the child feeds on could cause a brain damage to the child. This vitamin is found mainly in meats, milk, cheese, eggs, basically all animal products. Hence as a breastfeeding vegetarian, it is necessary to talk to a dietician to know the right vitamin supplements or mineral supplements you may need to take for the well-being of your infant child.

To ensure a growing child has no deficiency in nutrient as a vegetarian, their diet must include:

  1. The important Mineral Iron to prevent anemia, this mineral is usually found in animal based foods and substances which help in transporting oxygen in the blood. The iron found in plants cannot perform such functions and so you can get the useful iron (Haem) from mineral supplements. Consult your dietician for the right one to use.
  2. The vitamin B12, as explained earlier this vitamin is rather important for the healthy development of infants.
  3. Sources of protein such as nuts, legumes, and beans.
  4. Energy from suitable fats from sources other than animals such as olive oil and avocados.
  5. A healthy dose of calcium is also required in the kid’s diet plan for strong bones and teeth.

For the best vegan food combination for kids, contact your dietician or physician as the case may be. Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to taking care of your children.




Is It Difficult to Find a Good Vegetarian Food?

A vegetarian is one who abstains from meat and every form of meat produce. There are subcategories of being a vegetarian, they are:

  1. Lacto Vegetarian
  2. Lacto-Ovo vegetarian
  3. Non-vegan vegetarian

The Lacto vegetarian avoids eating meat produce but still enjoys milk and every other thing that could be derived from milk such as cheese. Hence, the name “Lacto” vegetarian. The Lacto-Ovo vegetarian restrains from eating meat products but they allow milk and egg in their diets. Hence the name “Lacto – Ovo”. The Lacto and Lacto-Ovo vegetarians are not as strict with their diets compared to the Non-vegan vegetarian. The Vegan vegetarian avoids eating any form of animal produce, he restricts himself to feeding on foods from plants.

Being a vegetarian is not a disadvantage in any way as research is constantly ongoing and it has presented more benefits to living a vegan life. Vegetarians are less prone to diseases, heart attacks, stroke, blood pressure and much more due to the nutrients found moderately in their diet. Hence, they live longer and healthier as compared to their carnivorous counterparts. The benefits of being a vegetarian are endless.

The next question on the mind of a would-be vegan is most likely, where can I source for good vegetarian food. The answer is simple, vegan food vendors are all around you, in the market, malls, supermarkets, everywhere. The key thing is to understand your diet requirement and find the foods rich in your requirements, write these foods down on a list and visit the market. Vegans feed on vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and things you already know of. And so being a vegan does not necessarily mean you have to travel down to a vegan island to get the vegan foods. What you need is all around you, all you need is to have an understanding of the nutritional components of each food products you buy. Knowledge of these components would help you combine these foods in a way that is suitable for your health and provides all your nutritional needs.

You can get help from your dietician to help you in your choice for food combination. I would be listing some vegan delights and the recipes. I am sure you will agree with me as to how easy it is to get the ingredients.

  1. Stir Fry (Vegan Delight)


  • two tablespoons oil
  • half cup sliced carrot
  • one cup sliced cabbage
  • one cup broccoli floret
  • quarter cup snow peas
  • two garlic cloves
  • quarter cup mushroom
  • quarter cup sliced onion
  • quarter cup bean sprouts
  • two tablespoons soy sauce
  • half cup sliced red bell pepper
  • two tablespoons sugar
  1. Cabbage and black bean slaw

Ingredients: Purple cabbage, black beans, red bell pepper, green onions, fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, olive oil, salt.

  1. Vegetarian tortilla soup: Ingredients: chili pepper or poblano pepper, Olive oil, white onion, garlic, ground cumin, crushed tomatoes, vegetable stock, can hominy, black beans, Sea salt, tortillas, avocado, radishes, queso fresco or feta cheese, cilantro leaves, lime.

From the above-listed delicacies, you must agree with me that the ingredients used in the recipe are somewhat easy to find around you. Hence to answer the question, it is not difficult to find a good vegetarian food.

Greatest thing about being vegetarian

As a popular saying goes, “You are what you eat”. This is particularly true because our daily activities and interactions rely heavily on our diet choices. Not just that, the well-being of every living thing relies on what they consume as food. A vegetarian diet is basically defined as staying away from foods that have meat content, but what appears to be uncommon knowledge is that the vegetarian diet is further grouped into 3 other subgroups. Which are:

  1. Lacto – Ovo vegetarian: This person does not eat meat, poultry, fish or any form of seafood. But they indulge in milk, egg, yogurt and cheese diet.
  2. Lacto – Vegetarian: This person does not eat meat, poultry, fish, egg, or any other form of seafood. But they can have milk and other milk products in their diets.
  3. Vegans: This is a pure vegetarian, he feeds exclusively on plant-based diets. Hence, a vegan would never be caught eating meat, fish, egg, seafood, fish, or any other form of animal feed.

This choice of diet adds some benefits to one’s health that would help you live a comfortable life. Anti – Vegans usually point out to certain things they feel a vegan is missing out on, little do they know that the benefits of being a vegan outweigh the cons. The following benefits make up the greatest things about being a vegetarian:

  • Contrary to popular opinion, a well-planned vegetarian diet can actually satisfy all your nutritional requirements. According to the American Dietetic Association, a well-planned vegan diet can be in fact beneficially in terms of nutritional appropriateness to members of all ages and even heavy duty workers such as athletes and laborers. In order to meet up with these complete nutritional components, there are certain foods to look out for. For a protein nutrient, foods such as beans, lentils, peas, soy products, cereals, and nuts are good sources of protein. Visit your dietician to get other vegetarian food sources of the required daily nutrients.
  • Better mood, research has shown that vegetarians are often in a better mood than the non–vegans. According to a survey taken at the Croatia’s Institute for Medical research and Occupational health, the results shows that the vegetarians have lower levels of neuroticism ( this is a psychological trait test, where people with high levels are more prone to anxiousness, moody, worry, fear, anger, etc.) as compared to the non-vegans.
  • Less incidence of diabetes, vegetarians are less likely to be diabetic as vegetarian diet have better management of diabetes and also reduce the possibility of the disease by more than half.
  • A vegetarian diet is more affordable in terms of cost than a diet that includes meat.
  • Being a vegetarian helps the environment, in that the barns produce a lot of pollutions to the environment. And so by avoiding the commercially sold meat, the cattle rearers are forced to move out of the environment in search for a better market.
  • Studies have shown that on average, vegetarians live longer healthy lives as compared to the non-vegans.

There are many more benefits to being a vegetarian in that there really is no nutrient or benefits found in animal food that cannot be found in the plant diet especially when properly managed.

5 foods that help you healthy loss weigh

As individuals, our metabolism rate differs, and as such, some people eat little and blow up, while some eat so much and still maintain a skinny “perfect” body. This is in no way a disadvantage to anyone as the overall goal is to lead a healthy life. And as such, it is imperative for one to understand one’s body system early enough in order to design certain diet plans that would work in favor in the overall objective of a healthy life. The flip side is, it is never too late to live on a healthy diet plan. And so, if you happen to have gained some few pounds and you are looking to shed those weights, not to worry you are in the right place as I would be sharing foods that would help you lose weight healthily.

The secret to losing weight is getting your body to a level of satiety by eating foods that have as little calories as possible. And so, it would not come as a surprise when you see certain foods making the list of foods that would help you lose weight in a healthy way. Hence, the following listed foods are my top 5 foods that have helped in my weight loss journey.

  1. Cottage Cheese this has a high protein content with very little calories having just little carbohydrate and fat. The cottage is very satisfying and so it gives you a heavy fill with only so little amount of calories. Cottage cheese has other nutrients that are good for the body such as calcium and so you lose weight without having to lack in any area.
  2. Avocados: They are loaded with the kind of fat you find in olive oil, but the flip side is that despite being mostly fat, they still contain a whole lot of water. And so the ratio of energy to fat is reduced giving it a lower calorie content. Avocados also have other essential nutrients such as fiber and potassium which could help improve bowel movement and reduce anxiety and stress, and a relief from a stroke.
  3. Beans: Beans is of great benefit for weight loss, as they contain protein and fiber, two nutrients that are really filling. And so you can munch on this as much as you want without having to fear to add pounds. The only problem is with people who are intolerant to legumes. Visit your dietician to know which beans is best for you.
  4. Potatoes: Studies show that white boiled potatoes rank high of all the foods tested on the satiety index. The results show that consumption of potatoes gives a natural satisfactory feeling, making you less likely to eat other foods after eating potatoes. It is also high in potassium, hence its health benefits.
  5. Whole eggs: Contrary to popular belief whole eggs would not cause heart attacks, they have a high protein constituent and also possess the fat that is good for your health. Hence, they give that satisfactory feeling with a low amount of calories. They contain so many nutrients, hence its advised to take at least an egg a day.