7 recipes of vegan creams to combat the cold

With the arrival of winter and the descent of the temperatures we feel like recipes that make us warm . In the vegan and vegetarian cuisine there are multiple perfect recipes for this. In this article we will see seven recipes of vegan creams perfect to combat the cold .

In addition, these creams are a perfect choice for the days when we fancy a light dinner or for put first on the Christmas menu , which is around the corner. The creams usually, like the whole world and are usually quite simple to make, besides being very nutritious .

We have to be careful when we go to a conventional supermarket and we see ready-made creams not only because of the amount of preservatives they carry, but because most of them carry cream, milk or lactose . Therefore, the most practical thing is to buy them in places whose creams do not have any ingredient of animal origin or, even better if possible, make them ourselves substituting in the recipes that contain Dairy products by vegetable alternatives .

But as we know that it is not always easy and sometimes we do not know which cream to choose, we have compiled these suggestions so that prepare during this winter . We have not included the mashed potatoes because we assume that everyone knows how to do it, although seems like the richest things in the world .

  1. Sweet potato cream

  1. Cream of zucchini

  1. Cream of pumpkin

  1. Cream of cauliflower with mushrooms

  1. Cream of asparagus

  1. Cream fungi

  1. Cream of pea and celery

And you, what cream do you stay with? What is your favorite recipe for these cold days? Remember that you can share your recipes in our blog through our website .

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