5 video recipes of vegetable milks that will make you say goodbye to the tetra-brick

In this article we are going to do a compilation of recipes for homemade vegetable milks in video format so that everybody can see how simple they are to make.

We already talked about the movement zero waste and how important it is to reduce the plastic ede the containers that we consume. We know that at the beginning it can be difficult and that many people will find it hard to take the big step, but making your own plant milk can save you money and money . To make them only water is needed and the main ingredient that we want with which we are going to make milk : oats soybean rice quinoa cashew nuts almonds etc. If they are going to be done very often, there is the option of getting a chufa-mix but they can also be done in a blender without problem.

Oat Milk

David Guibert of My Vegan Experience explains us in a video how to make oat milk homemade way easy and fast . To make it only need water, oats, salt, a little oil and a sweetener to choose.

Soy milk and homemade yogurt

In this video the girls of Queens and Repollos not only they explain to us how to make homemade soy milk but they also give us a recipe for natural soy yogurt super simple to make. In addition, with okara (what's left over from soya when preparing vegetable milk) they also have very appetizing recipes like these nuggets so nothing should be wasted. [19659003]

Grated coconut milk

In Vegan Easy Kitchen have enough recipes for vegetable milks as well as condensed milk tofu etc. We have selected the grated coconut because it is easy to find and quinoa milk, since it is quite simple at the same time as healthy.

Quinoa milk

Homemade almond milk

Rawvana brings us this recipe from almond milk with only almonds and water in addition to many RAW recipes and very palatable.

What do you think of these recipes? What is your favorite vegetable drink? Would you like to know how to prepare it?

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