5 foods that help you healthy loss weigh

As individuals, our metabolism rate differs, and as such, some people eat little and blow up, while some eat so much and still maintain a skinny “perfect” body. This is in no way a disadvantage to anyone as the overall goal is to lead a healthy life. And as such, it is imperative for one to understand one’s body system early enough in order to design certain diet plans that would work in favor in the overall objective of a healthy life. The flip side is, it is never too late to live on a healthy diet plan. And so, if you happen to have gained some few pounds and you are looking to shed those weights, not to worry you are in the right place as I would be sharing foods that would help you lose weight healthily.

The secret to losing weight is getting your body to a level of satiety by eating foods that have as little calories as possible. And so, it would not come as a surprise when you see certain foods making the list of foods that would help you lose weight in a healthy way. Hence, the following listed foods are my top 5 foods that have helped in my weight loss journey.

  1. Cottage Cheese this has a high protein content with very little calories having just little carbohydrate and fat. The cottage is very satisfying and so it gives you a heavy fill with only so little amount of calories. Cottage cheese has other nutrients that are good for the body such as calcium and so you lose weight without having to lack in any area.
  2. Avocados: They are loaded with the kind of fat you find in olive oil, but the flip side is that despite being mostly fat, they still contain a whole lot of water. And so the ratio of energy to fat is reduced giving it a lower calorie content. Avocados also have other essential nutrients such as fiber and potassium which could help improve bowel movement and reduce anxiety and stress, and a relief from a stroke.
  3. Beans: Beans is of great benefit for weight loss, as they contain protein and fiber, two nutrients that are really filling. And so you can munch on this as much as you want without having to fear to add pounds. The only problem is with people who are intolerant to legumes. Visit your dietician to know which beans is best for you.
  4. Potatoes: Studies show that white boiled potatoes rank high of all the foods tested on the satiety index. The results show that consumption of potatoes gives a natural satisfactory feeling, making you less likely to eat other foods after eating potatoes. It is also high in potassium, hence its health benefits.
  5. Whole eggs: Contrary to popular belief whole eggs would not cause heart attacks, they have a high protein constituent and also possess the fat that is good for your health. Hence, they give that satisfactory feeling with a low amount of calories. They contain so many nutrients, hence its advised to take at least an egg a day.


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