5 delicious recipes made with tofu

There are many reasons why the consumption of vegetarian and vegan products has skyrocketed in recent times. Perhaps the reason for greater weight is that the population is realizing the real cost of consuming meat at the industrial level with all that this also entails at an environmental and, above all, ethical-moral level. It has also influenced that the WHO continues to warn of the real dangers that the consumption of red meat supposes, posing us an insect consumption in the future as salvation (with how easy it is to follow a vegan lifestyle and It is done!). Anyway, more and more are looking for alternative sources of vegetable protein, and here we leave you 5 recipes that we have loved using tofu.

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There are in 4 flavors: natural tofu, grilled tofu, tofu with basil and smoked tofu . It is a firm tofu with a very pleasant texture that has nothing to do with the supermarket tofu that we are used to buying. In our online store you can buy all these types of tofu from the Vivibio brand.

Let's go there with the recipes, all of them 100% vegan:

1. Vegan French omelet stuffed with spinach

French omelette is always a challenge when it comes to making a vegan dish without using an egg. In this case, we bring you a curious and delicious recipe where we use the crushed tofu as a base to make the dough of the French omelet, to which we have also added a delicious spinach filling with tomat e and much more. Delight yourself with the full recipe here.

2. Enchiladas stuffed with rice, corn and black beans with red sauce

We bring an international dish from Mexico in its vegan verison, a dish that goes a little out of the ordinary , simple to make but at the same time it serves to impress your guests. In this case tofu is an essential ingredient to make tofu cream that is used in enchiladas. Here you can access the full recipe.

3. Tofu and spinach croquettes

There is also room for more conventional recipes, although no less delicious. This recipe is one of the most visited of our community Vegaffinity, the homemade croquettes of tofu and spinach that are to suck your fingers. In this case the tofu will be crushed with thyme, lemon and garlic to give much more flavor. You can see the full recipe here.

4. Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta tofu with tomato sauce and basil

Cannelloni is a classic culinary, which we all love. In this case, to prepare the ricotta you will have to beat the tofu, and add chives and garlic, which will give it a delicious flavor. The recipe is very simple, 100% vegetable and will be delicious to impress family and friends. The complete prescription, here.

5. Tofu and spinach burgers

And finally, burgers could not be missing in our selection of best recipes with tofu. In this case we have added chilli peppers to have a spicy touch, although it can be eliminated. You'll see how simple it is to make them. You can see the full recipe here.

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