4 Vegan menus perfect for New Year's Eve

In this article we will see four perfect menus for New Year's Eve dinner. All totally different: menu for a vegan dinner raw vegan gordivegan and gluten-free . All made without cruelty and much healthier than animals.

There are many vegans who have not been happy with their Christmas dinner, so we hope the New Year's Eve will be better and that the Magi take into account the families that did not prepare anything vegan and those that did, too. In any case, it is always good to bring something to the dinners just in case. You have to be careful about trusting yourself in those things, since if you're new to veganism, maybe a very happy grandmother with a salmon salad or will receive you at your dinner, your family members do not understand that you would not want to take the broth from the Christmas day stew, putting the meat away . The good news is that these things change and people adapt. Well, let's go to our menu suggestions:

Avocado and mango salad

Rich and healthy. In addition to a perfect entree.

Eggplant in beer tempura

An easy-to-make and quick starter. Another option would be the vegetable tempura or the aubergine with cane honey.

Vegan Prawns with Garlic

You can add a couple of chillies to this recipe to give it a spicy touch that will look great.

Seitan with potatoes

Seitan with mashed potatoes: simple and very tasty dish. Beware of inviting a celiac to try it, since seitan is made of gluten. If it is not possible to take gluten, it is better to make this recipe with tempeh.

Carrot and coconut cake

Perfect carrot and coconut cake to vary a little from chocolate. Its realization is not complicated and all the ingredients it has can be found in any vegan house: carrots, sugar, water, cookies and vegetable milk.

Warm bean salad, pumpkin and pea sprouts

This recipe for La Pasta No Engorda is delicious as well as super healthy. It is a pumpkin salad accompanied by beans and pea sprouts, although if they are not found it can be done with other sprouts. To make it we will need a spiralizer with which to cut the squash in the form of spaghetti, basic in the raw vegan food.

Hummus with crudités

The Hummus is a classic but there are those who do not get tired. You can prepare the traditional chickpea or make some variation: carrot, lentils, beans with beets and even chocolate! Here it is presented with some crudités and it has a delicious pint.

Sobrasada vegana

The raw vegan sobrasada of dried tomatoes and almonds is a delight to make your Christmas merry. You can serve it with crudités or with some spelled bread.

Raw Lasagna (and 3 raw vegan sauces)

This recipe from Mundo Elefante is perfect if you want to do something quick and healthy. It is a raw courgette lasagna with three types of raw vegan sauces . Easy and delicious.

Raw cauliflower sushi

If you do not want to drink so much rice, this is a very rich and raw vegan option: raw cauliflower sushi. Doing it is very simple and the taste almost does not change. Healthy, rich and cheap. What else can you ask for?

Strawberry and coconut "raw" cake

This cake is super easy to make and quite colorful. Perfect to surprise the guests. You just have to prepare it and refrigerate it a couple of hours. Suggestion? Accompany it with a garnish of strawberries or blueberries.


Guacamole is a basic that should not be missing in any food, although whoever wants to vary has a huge world of vegan cheeses and pates to put as a starter. Another option would be to put everything at once.

Vegan salad with prawns

This salad is delicious and everyone loves it. Perfect for those who have nostalgia with prawns, but can also be done without prawns if you do not have them and is very good. The salt kala namak gives an egg flavor that will make anyone believe that it does not carry.

Croquettes of no sausage or vegetable sausage and leeks

These croquettes are incredible and are perfect for a gordivegan dinner. The vegetable sausage leaves a super rich flavor and the leek also. Another good option is mushroom and leek croquettes, which are not bad either.

Roast of no lamb

Roast of non-lamb with texturized soy, potatoes and vegetables. It can also be done with no lamb or no chicken.

"Cheese" and blueberry (vegan) cake

Vegan and blueberry cheese cake that can change your life from one moment to the next. Do not waste your time and try to do it, it will surprise you for good.

Vegetable crudités with three sauces

Vegetable pakoras

Vegan escalopes of soy and legumes with red wine


Brownie crudivegano

Chocolate brownie without gluten, raw and easy to make. Perfect to accompany with ice cream or with some syrup.

With what option do you stay? Did you like the selection we have made? If you liked remember to share.

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